What can an individual do to help?

  • Become a member off the Ribble Fisheries Consultative Association.
  • Keep abreast of developments affecting angling in both the Ribble area and in the wider context.
  • Be an active member of a local angling club.
  • Be prepared to lobby on behalf of angling and associated issues.


How do I become a member of the Association?

Membership of the Association is open to all riparian owners, lessees of fishing, clubs & associations, individuals and Council of Management appointees.   There is a range of subscription fees to reflect the various categories of membership – from as little as £15p.a. for an individual.


Who do I contact to become a member?

e-mail address:


What do you get for the money?

  • You can directly contact officers of the Association to get your views heard.
  • You can get up to date information on what is happening on the river from a conservation point of view.
  • If there are proposals, for example from the EA, which affect the Ribble system then the RFCA will be involved and you can be involved through your membership.
  • Twice a year reports come to members on the state of play on the Ribble with reports from clubs and the EA.
  • As an individual member you can attend the AGM, find out what is happening and get your views heard.
  • Perhaps the most important benefit is that as an individual member you will be part of an organisation dedicated to the welfare and improvement of the Ribble system.

Membership fees are due on 1st January each year and there is provision for membership to be arranged via a Banker’s Order.


Ribble Area Issues:


  • Bankside Preservation
  • Fly Life

Water Quality

  • Pollution
  • Impact of Farming
  • Calder Improvements
  • River Basin Management Plan

Fish Stocks

  • Support work on monitoring fish movements
  • Work to agreed criteria for data to indicate fisheries priorities
  • Support work on propagation of all species
  • Provide, with the E.A., webcams to assist anglers in judging river height and condition
  • Stocking
  • Bird Predation of Stocks

Estuary Nets

  • Net Limitation Order Review


  • Access to the River

Proposed Bridge

  • Monitor potential Bridge developments and changes to access along the river bank

Proposed Barrage

  • Monitor potential Barrage development proposals

Hydro Developments

  • Scrutinise all applications for Hydro developments and co-ordinate objections in line with Position Paper.


Removal of barriers to fish migration

  • Work with partners to remove barriers to fish passage especially on the Calder system.


  • Work with partners - E.A. and Police - to reduce incidences of poaching within the catchment



Wider Issues:

Pollution at Sea 

  • Possible salt-marsh discharge

Exploitation at Sea

  • Exploitation of fish stocks at sea

Global Warming

Preservation of Angling for Recreation and Sport


Bankers Order

Please enrol me as an individual member of RFCA.  I enclose my first annual subscription by way of cash, a cheque, bankers order form (delete as appropriate).



Return to:          J.W.Whitham, Pendleside, 58, Lingmoor Dr., Burnley. BB12 8UY

Download bankers order here